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Business planning process

7 Essential Steps to Successful Business Projects (A Useful Roadmap)

Although there is no magic bullet to transform your business into a successful powerhouse, I have witnessed similarities amongst those that grow more profitably. And...
How to beat the competition

Beat the Competition Next Year (Higher growth, profitability, innovation)

After the mid-year break - and this year it started way sooner thanks to covid-19 - most organisations get into their planning phase for the...
Free communication on pack

You’re missing out on A Free Communication Channel! (Any guesses what it

Denyse Drummond-Dunn · You're missing out on A Free Communication Channel! (Any guesses what it is?) “Never miss an episode. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts to...
How to innovate successfully

How to Innovate Successfully (What You’re Still Getting Wrong!)

I've written a number of posts on innovation and yet I still get client requests to further help them innovate successfully! One of the favourite...
actionable customer insight

A Customer-First Approach to Successful Innovation (and 3 Secrets Shared)

Denyse Drummond-Dunn · A customer-first approach to successful innovation “Never miss an episode. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts to get new episodes as they become available.”...
The customer is your answer, now what's your question!

Why Customers Are The Answer To All Your Problems (If You Ask

Last week I asked whether it is employees or customers who are more important to an organisation. If you missed it read "Customers Care About...
Customers care about your product's value, not your employees

Customers Care About a Product’s Value, Not How the Company Treats Employees

Your customers only really care about themselves and your product's value to them! I've been a customer champion for most of my career. But with the...
D Get to know your customers

What a Short Hospital Stay Taught me About Customer Experience

Examples of exceptional customer experience can come from anywhere! You know that. You keep your eyes and ears open and find inspiration everywhere. So do I. But...

Sourcing and Services Matter: Why Price Alone Won’t get your Customers to

Price wars are a standard challenge of marketers, whether working on the retail or manufacturing side. They have become more frequent in the last couple...

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