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Customer-first strategies start with the customer – of course! CATSIGHT™ our New 7-step process to understanding your customers and developing actionable insights will accelerate your brand’s growth and profitability.


According to Paul Polman, former CEO of Unilever, this is “A must-read for today’s and tomorrow’s marketeers”. The book covers the four foundational areas of a customer-first strategy: the customer, your company, your brands, and your processes.

  • Use it to restructure your organisation around the customer and develop a more inspiring mission, vision and strategy.
  • Learn how to identify the very best customers for each of your offers, and then connect and engage them, so you build your understanding of their needs and desires.
  • Grow your brands through optimised positioning and break free of the innovation box that I bet you find yourself in on a regular basis.
  • Make your changes last through the company-wide adoption of improved processes for insight generation, communications development, and knowledge sharing.


Through a series of fun and easy to answer questions, you will finally have clarity about your level of customer centric behavior. You will learn what are your strengths, but also which areas offer you the most opportunity for improvement.

Upon completion, you get a detailed report that will provide you with all the steps to take so your customers (consumers, clients) are at the very heart of your business.


Need to Motivate and Train your Team on the Elements of a Customer-First Strategy, but can’t take extended downtime? Then we have the answer!

1 Hour Keynotes and Talks; 1-2 Day Customised Workshops.


Catch up with Denyse at these forthcoming events or review her past appearances.


The unequivocal, indisputable best part of what we do is receiving feedback like this from the thousands of awesome clients we help go from frustrated, overwhelmed, and fed-up to happy and inspired marketers and market researchers, each and every day.

Denyse is an expert and thought leader in her area of expertise. She worked with our Company’s Global Insights & Analytics community and helped us to become better at turning insights into action.

Meltem Karahan
Carlsberg Group

What was refreshing was the care that Denyse took in designing the course, getting to know our internal processes, pain points and strengths, before she custom-designed the course, materials and goals. This showed me that Denyse doesn’t just write about being customer centric – she IS customer centric in the way she runs her own business. Walking the talk.

Vanessa Oshima
Vice President

A belated thank you for your outstanding presentation. The class was abuzz after your departure. Not only was the content highly relevant, modern and pitched at just the right level, your passion and enthusiasm was inspiring to us all.

Richard Beswick

Denyse a apporté son appui à notre Association. Il s’agissait de comprendre pourquoi nous avions de la peine à recruter des clients. Denyse nous a d’abord fait prendre conscience du manque de visibilité de notre image spécifique. Elle nous a fait ressortir les opportunités chez nos clients potentiels et dans les produits proposés.

Renaud Du Pasquier

Denyse was immensely helpful in providing an independent, insightful, external view on our business and our customers. Her participation in our customer research project allowed us to look at the market from a new perspective and uncover critical questions and issues quicker.

Richard Treadwell
VP Global Marketing

Denyse has lectured in my New Product class at Miami. My students found her real-world applications of theoretical principles of New Product development very enlightening. They also found her knowledge of modern marketing methods very useful.

Joseph Johnson

Denyse not only has a vision for the future of Marketing Research. She also brings years of experience to the table in her hands-on workshops. Last but not least, she also knows how to translate her set of best practices to the current digitalized business reality.

Tom De Ruyck
Managing Partner

Thank you very much Denyse for your enlightening presentation to our faculty on our recent development day. The topic of ’From Service to Engagement’ is very apt for us, and your slant on this subject adds invaluable dimensions.

Michael Hoy





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