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Would you like my support with any of them as you adopt your Customer First Strategy?

Do you need a Global expert in Business Strategy development, Customer Understanding, Engagement or Marketing? Whether your brands are struggling to maintain growth, your innovations are disappointingly off-target, or your communications are being ignored, I can turn things around – fast. I’m not called the 1-Day Catalyst for nothing! 

With over 30 years experience working for Fortune 500’s in more than 100 countries, just imagine how I can help you! Let me do for you what others only promise but never deliver to your satisfaction.

My background in marketing, global strategy and IT enables me to help executives just like you, and their businesses, thrive in today’s digital marketplace.


Denyse Drummond-Dunn

The Art & Science of a Customer First Strategy: What Are You Looking For?

Competitive advantage through a customer first strategy

Competitive Advantage

Get ahead of your competition by adopting a customer-first strategy and putting them at the heart of everything you do.

Better customer engagement through a customer first strategy adoption

Business Focus

Identify the optimal categories and targets for your brands, and then prepare them for future opportunities and risks.

Business focus through a customer first strategy adoption

Customer Engagement

Develop communications that engage your customers both online & offline, building loyalty, advocacy and raving fans.


Your Resources


We have a wealth of resources for you, from Tools & Templates to Books and Assessments, like our C3C Evaluator™



We offer both free & paid resources to speed your adoption of a Customer First Strategy




Download free chapters of “Winning Customer Centricity” or learn the “Secrets” to Actionable Insight, Successful Innovation and Brand Building




C3C Evaluator™ Tool

Find out just how customer centric you are and which areas offer you the fastest opportunities for improvement.



Everyone loves quotes and we’ve collected some of the most inspiring ones for you to add to your reports & presentations.

Discover the Secrets of a Customer First Strategy

Learn the 4 Focus Areas to Optimise your Brand Building & Customer Engagement



Putting Customers at the Heart of Your Business-One Day at a Time

What People Say About The Book:

A must-read for today’s and tomorrow’s marketeers.

Paul Polman
CEO Unilever

Denyse lays our the core foundational elements needed from organizational design to company culture to instill customer centricity at the heart of an organization.

David Armano
Global Strategy Director Edelman Digital

Can you answer this one simple question? Who are our customers and how do they buy? If your answer is no, Winning Customer Centricity is for you.”

Martyn Etherington
CMO Mitel, author of Diary of a CMO

Denyse provides hands-on recommendations on how to implement a successful customer strategy execution within 50 weeks! It works!

Prof. Dominique Turpin
President IMD

If you’re in business today, Denyse’s book is a must-have. No excuses; go out and get it!

Anita Williams Weinberg
CEO VerbStudios

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