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Insight Development Course Announcement


Need to Motivate and Train your Team on the Elements of a Customer-First Strategy, but can't take extended downtime? Then we have the answer!

1-Day Customer First Strategy Training Sessions


The short, sharp, fun & efficient way to train & motivate your team – or your whole organisation!

Every engagement starts with an in-depth consultation to clarify your team’s challenges. This ensures you get a custom talk or program that precisely meets your desires.

Denyse can be seen presenting around the world and is just as comfortable in front of thousands of conference attendees, as she is talking with a few top executives of a Fortune 100 company.

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Deep Dive Customer-First Strategy Training with the Globally Recognised Industry Expert

Our 1-Day Catalyst™ Training Sessions are designed for business-critical teams that are not able to take much time out of the office.

Denyse Drummond-Dunn delivers her fun, immersive workshops directly at your site, making it easy to get your entire team on board, without the usual extended downtime.

By focusing on one topic per workshop, Denyse takes your team on a deep-dive journey to adopting a customer-first strategy. Each session offers expert tips and tricks, as well as interactive exercises that make learning fun!

Choose from the following workshop topics (more coming soon) or contact us for a proprietary training developed to meet your precise needs:

Ideation & innovation

  • I3: Improved Ideation & Innovation.
    Objectives: Expand your innovation thinking and incorporate new levers.

Market research

  • M3: More Meaningful Market Research. Objectives: Update your Market Research Toolbox. Identify the best KPIs to monitor your business.


  • C3: Consistent, Creative Communication.  Objectives: Identify & prioritise media channels, to impact your brand’s equity.

Customer insight

  • N3: New, Next-generation iNsights.  Objectives: Review your current thinking, definition & development process of insights.
  • I2A: Insights into Action. Objectives: Develop and / or optimise your current insight development practices.
  • I2I: Insights to Impact.  Objectives: Develop and / or optimise current insight knowledge-sharing practices.

Business vision & strategy

  • S3: Strategy and viSion with Scenarios.  Objectives: Expand your business vision & strategy through scenario planning.
  • B3: Boosting Bolder Business. Objectives: Catalyse your business transformation through appropriate strategies & plans.

What Clients Say About Our Training Courses

Jon Arnold

There are major untapped opportunities for brands, but only if marketers can effectively harness new technologies, which remain poorly understood. Denyse definitely gets the bigger picture, and can be of great help to any company trying to navigate this new landscape.
Jon Arnold

Iain Martin

Denyse is clearly an expert in her field. She triggered a valuable thought in reminding me that our competition is not who I thought it was. ‘Knowing your enemy’ is how to win wars.

Managing Director
I.J. Martin & Co Ltd, Executive Coaches for Global Business Leaders

Dr Stefan Oglesby

I found the evening very inspiring, congratulations for the great workshop. Especially it has brought clarity to what I’ve actually been doing for the past few months: zooming in and out to find the right focus for my future offering 😉

data IQ AG

Tom De Ruyck

Denyse not only has a vision for the future of Marketing Research. She also brings years of experience to the table in her hands-on workshops. Last but not least, she also knows how to translate her set of best practices to the current digitalized business reality.

Managing Partner & Head of Insight Activation

Vanessa Oshima

What was refreshing was the care that Denyse took in designing the course, getting to know our internal processes, pain points and strengths, before she custom designed the course, materials and goals. This showed me that Denyse doesn’t just write about being customer centric – she IS customer centric in the way she runs her own business. Walking the talk.

Vice President,Corporate Strategy and Planning, Japan

Nathalie Klein

Denyse is an awesome trainer and person. The course was fantastic in crystallising the need for consumer centricity and how to create more impact with insights. Highly recommended.

Global Lead Knowledge and Insights, Europe

Meltem Karahan

Denyse helped us to become better at turning insights to action. The workshop introduced specific tools and action plans towards activating most relevant insights. She also planted ideas about how to elevate the role of the insights functions.

VP Insights & Analytics
Carlsberg Group

Tom De Ruyck

Denyse not only has a vision for the future of Marketing Research. She also brings years of experience to the table in her hands-on workshops. Last but not least, she also knows how to translate her set of best practices to the current digitalized business reality.

Managing Partner,Insites Consulting,Belgium
InSites Consulting

With 1-Day Catalyst™ Training, LESS IS MORE!

LESS Interruption, LESS Cost, MORE Motivation, MORE Inspiration and MORE Visible Results.

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