Discover How to Prioritise Your Actions to Optimise Your Customer Centricity

Customer experience is VITAL To your business!

 – 86% of buyers will pay more for a better experience

 – 49% of customers leave because of poor CX

 – Companies that excel at CX are 60% more profitable

QC2 Evaluator™ Tool

Do you ALWAYS think of customers first? Do you INCLUDE customers in your processes? Do you know HOW you could do better?

Now, with this complete evaluation tool from C3Centricity, you can identify exactly where you stand. Finally, you will know where you excel and where you could put in a little more effort so your customers love you.

There are four strategic areas to address in adopting a customer first strategy:

structure vision






internal process


Upon completing the evaluation, you will receive a summary report that shows you what you need to prioritise to place your customers (consumers, clients) at the very heart of your business.

Pay for the full report and get ideas on improving in each area, with examples from companies doing particularly well. You will also qualify for a half-hour strategy call with Denyse to review your results and discuss the next steps.

Based on this personal session with Denyse, you will be in the best possible position to start working towards growing more profitably.

But wait! Why not buy a multiple–access package and get more robust results? Get your whole department or even the whole company to answer. That is the best way to know exactly what areas you need to work on. And get your organisation working together to put your customers right at the heart of the business, where they belong!

The 100-access package is enough for a department and maybe even before and after measurements.

The 300-access package is designed to meet the needs of a company.

If you would like to provide access to a larger group or have ongoing measurement tracking available, please contact us.

Small Business
Single access
Summary report

US$ 7,500
100-access pack
Detailed report
1 hr Skype strategy session with Denyse
Comparison to industry averages

US$ 15,000
300-access pack
Detailed report
1 hr Skype strategy session with Denyse
Comparison to industry averages
½-day in-person strategy session*

* Expenses will be charged in addition and at cost.

** Contact us for larger access numbers.

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