Measure Your Customer Centricity

Have you ever wondered how good you are at putting your customers first? I’m sure you’ve heard how important this is, but do you realise just how vital customer centricity is? Organisations that excel at customer experience:

Grow 7-times faster than those that don’t


Are 60% more profitable


Know it’s >5x more expensive to acquire a new customer

And think about how people have changed. Customers are savvier than ever in what they expect from brands:

It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one negative


86% of buyers will pay more for a better experience


Customer service agents fail to answer customers’ questions 50% of the time


51% will never do business again after just one negative experience

There are four strategic areas to address in adopting a customer first strategy:

structure & vision

Company structure & vision


Customer targeting & connection


Branding & Innovation


Internal processes

Through a series of fun and easy to answer questions on all these areas, you will finally have clarity about your level of customer centric behaviour. You will learn what are your strengths, but also which areas offer you the most opportunity for improvement?


You will receive a summary report that will provide you with a clear roadmap of what you need to prioritise to place your customers (consumers, clients) at the very heart of your business.

Please view the short video below before completing the C3C Evaluator™ Quiz. It shows you how to answer each type of question including the fun bubble scoring tool. Thanks.

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