This is a list of some of the resources I have used to build my business. Click on those that interest you to find out more. If you buy any of these, I may receive a small payment as an affiliate, but you will not pay a premium because of this. But it will support me and the work I do for free for everyone who visits my websites, blog posts, and other free resources that I provide. Thank you

Traffic, Lead Gen & Social Media

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is my email marketing platform of choice. It’s what I use to track contacts, send email campaigns. It’s the easiest one of them all and I’ve been using it for years.


Buffer is the most intuitive, affordable, and authentic way to reach more people on social media. Select a plan. Watch how Buffer helps your business.


Enhance your social media management with Hootsuite, the leading social media dashboard. Manage multiple networks and profiles and measure your campaign

Organization & Project Management


I use Trello to stay in touch with my IT team and to ensure we are both in line with worklists and flows


I use Evernote to tag and store articles of interest, useful statics, and inspiration for my own blog posts.


I use SurveyMonkey for questions and surveys that I share on social media and my website. I love its simplicity snd clear analytics, even on the free version.

Finance & Money Management


I love Shoeboxed. It enables me to collect and store all my invoices and then share them with my accountant for tax returns.


I love Stripe as an alternative payment channel. As I work globally, I need to offer flexibility to my clients.


PayPal is a globally accepted method for sending and receiving payments, but I do find their charges very high, So I try to use alternatives whenever I can.

Creative Tools


I have been using Canva for years and it is amazingly simple to use, even for beginners. However, since upgrading my account, I have truly fallen it, love, with its amazing properties and features.


Pixabay provides an incredible wealth of free images and illustrations, as well as videos.


Pexels makes a great addition for royalty-free images, primarily of people.

Live Streaming & Video Calls


I host ALL my meetings on Zoom. It’s the best software that exists. You can host webinars on it, you can record your meetings, they get transcribed, you get the audio, it even has a beauty filter for the days that you don’t wear make-up.


I started using Everwebinar for evergreen webinars, But I am now doing more live events and then offering them outside of live webinars.


Facetime is my go-to calling platform, so I do get a little frustrated when I have to use another one. However, I do realize we can’t all work exclusively with Apple products.


Skype used to be the main calling platform but has lost popularity in recent years because it becomes unreliable. I still use it when I have no other choices.


I use WhatsApp mainly for connecting with friends, but it’s nice to have an alternative for clients who are more comfortable using it. It certainly makes a client into an almost friend.

Video & Photo Creation/Editing Apps


I use Audacity to record my podcasts. It works great and is very easy to edit.


iMovie is an amazing system that allows me to cut and join slides and videos into a professional-looking mp4 file that I can share on my website and social media platforms.

Photo Booth

Despite its, name Photobooth is for video recording, rather than for photos. Recording can syncing, but iMovie can easily record this.


I use Soundcloud to store and share my podcasts. it makes sharing easy and looks professional when embedded in websites.



I don’t know when I last bought a physical book. Even without a Kindle device, book reading is easy with the app although not as easy when outdoors in the sunshine.


I have become a fan of audiobooks, enabling me to “read ” on the road or on the plane. As I travel a lot, it means I don’t waste time and can even rest my eyes from all the screen time I do – which is too much!

Physical Products


This is always my first stop when looking to buy almost anything. it provides me with reviews, rankings, and even pricing levels. Then I look to see if I can buy it locally for about the same price.

Funnel & Checkout Cart

Woo Commerce

I host ALL my course content, membership content, and high-end offers on this platform. I strongly recommend it if you want passive income. It works with both Stripe and PayPal and it’s the simplest to use of them all.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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