Discover how to Create Your First
Brand Persona in 5 Minutes or Less!

Learn How You Can Quickly & Easily Generate a Visual Brand Persona / Avatar

A simple, interactive worksheet designed to help you gather all the customer wisdom you have - whether from your agencies, internal teams or your own personal experiences - and to store it clearly in one simple page, ready to use whenever needed.

When brands and their suppliers understand customers better, they serve those customers better. And when they serve those customers better, their business grows more profitably, day-in and day-out.

What if you could create and share your first brand persona in the next 5 minutes, ready to start using for more targeted marketing actions?

Is that something that would be useful? You bet it would!

In this exclusive C3Centricity Guide, we'll show you the simple steps to creating your first brand persona. Using our proprietary 4W™ Template, which is just one of the many tools and templates from our Customer-First Strategy Masterclass, you can capture everything you already know about your customers.

Then keep it beside you and add to it every time you learn something new about your brand's customers. It will become a living portrayal of your customers, so you keep them top-of-mind every single day.

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What You'll Discover from This Free,
Downloadable Workbook & Template:

bullet The 4 key elements of an actionable brand persona.

bullet How to find and gather all the information you already know about your customers.

bulletIdentify the missing pieces of your knowledge and learn the sources you can use to gather the information.

Download Your FREE 4W™ Template and
Start Creating Your Perfect Customer Persona!

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