How to use Social Media to Improve Customer Centricity

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Are you looking for a way to shift your day-to-day business from a br and-centered way of thinking to a customer-centered way of acting? If so, look no further. This article will reveal how to use social media to show your customers you really value them.

If your organisation wants to become truly customer centric, you need to improve the engagement with the very people who make your business grow! The success of your business depends upon building relationships with your customers. Show your customers that you really value them. Start connecting with them: satisfy their needs and excite them with solutions to their problems.

Social media like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn is taking over from CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in offering more people more ways to voice their opinion, good or bad, about the products and services they have tried.

Here are four things to review when improving your customer centricity using social media:

#1 Define how social media fits into your marketing and communication plans

Review all forms of connection with your customers. Think about direct contact via retail outlets, call centres, CRM activities, events and websites, or indirectly through retailers, advertising and market research. Think about how to integrate social media platforms effectively to engage with your customers.

Social Media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter offer you the fastest and most personal ways to get closer to your customers. In order to optimize their use, you need to define how they will fit into your marketing and communications plans. They can support and complement your other forms of communication, but to do this they must be integrated seamlessly into them.

#2 Experience where to engage with your target audience

Next you need to choose the most appropriate platform(s) for your target audience. Do they spend most of their time on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or another social platform? Then once you have chosen the most relevant ones, start sharing valuable content via the different channels and monitor the results. Which channels generate the most engagement with the content you share?

Don’t expect your own br and pages to attract your customers if they are not supported and amplified through engagement on social platforms. A leading CPG company, with which I worked, found that more than two-thirds of their br and websites were being visited by less than 20 people per month! How is that for a huge waste of resources?

#3 Listen to what they want to hear

Every connection you make with your customers provides an opportunity for you to also ask questions or provide information back. This is particularly true with social media, where more people are likely to complain or ask questions than elsewhere, at least in developed markets. Although you may not like hearing negative comments about your products and services, it is better to find out and correct the issues quickly, than to discover the problem through falling sales, or worse, comments posted on the internet. Whilst you must respond and fast to criticism, better to take it offline than to start a lengthy discussion in public.

To attract your customers to engage with you on social media, there has to be something in it for them. Therefore it is essential to ask yourself “what do they want to hear, see or learn?” rather than “what do we want to tell them”. Social media provides an almost instantaneous contact with your customers, which means that you must always be open and ready to respond to the; they expect it! If you are only interacting with your customers on your terms you will quicly lose their interest and perhaps loyalty as well.

#4 Discover when they are most engaged in social media

The real challenge for your business is to discover what time of the day your costumers are most engaged in social media via the different channels. If you are doing business on a global scale, you’ll need different teams for each region. Gather smart data on a global and local scale to learn which parts of the day best support your engagement and customer centric behaviour.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any questions or comments? If so, please share them in the box below.

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First published July 19th 2011 on MirrorYourself “The Social Media Coach to Launch Your Business”

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