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One of my recent posts was prompted by a pack of Pringles, where the freshness seal was printed with the words “Bulging with flavour” to explain the swollen lid.

You may remember that I mentioned being fascinated by the fact that Pringles had been able to turn what might have been perceived as a negative (bulging lid = altered product inside) into a positive, through this simple message.

In today’s world of social media, most companies are jumping onto the latest craze and extending beyond the creation of br and websites, to Facebook pages, Twitter and many other forms of online / on-the-go communication. It was therefore a double pleasure for me to see a company making use of its most intimate form of communication to its customer, that of its packaging.

Nestlé adds valuable information on pack

If I am not mistaken, Nestlé was one of the first companies to see the value in communicating not just promotional content on its website, but actually providing useful information to its consumers on its packaging. According to their website, the “Nutritional Compass” provides their consumers with four valuable pieces of information:

  • a st andardised nutrient table giving amounts per 100g, per serving and as a percentage of Guideline Daily Amount;
  • “Good to Know” panel explaining ingredients or nutrients relating to the product, such as fat, sugar, fibre or calcium content;
  • “Good to Remember” panel with tips for responsible product enjoyment and its place in a daily balanced diet;
  • “Good to Talk” panel with contact details and links to consumer services, websites and other materials.

Nestle's pack informationNestlé started working on this initiative back in 2004 and by the end of 2008, they were claiming that its Nutritional Compass had been added to 98% of its global product packaging by total sales volume. This is an incredible achievement in such a huge and diversified company, and shows what can be achieved with passion and dedication.

The often forgotten media channel

Packaging is a wonderful medium for communicating with your audience and yet many companies seem to be ignoring it, whilst at the same time significantly increasing their investments in online media.

My question to all marketing people is therefore “Are you aware you are doing this”? I am sure many of you see packaging as purely a product protection mechanism or a facilitator of shelf impact. Whilst both of these are important of course, the opportunity of engaging with your customers whilst they are in the process of using your product has enormous value. Isn’t it time you took another look at yours?

If your company is effectively using its packaging to communicate more than ingredients or usage instructions, why not share it below and let your br and get into the spotlight?

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