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Discover How Customer Centric You Are With The C3C Evaluator™ Tool


Have you ever wondered just how Customer Centric your organisation really is? If so, then the C3C Evaluator™ Tool can help.

Through a series of fun questions on all areas of adopting a customer-first strategy, you will finally learn your strengths but also the areas which offer you the most opportunity for improvement.

You will have a clear understanding of what you need to prioritise to place your customers (consumers, clients) at the very heart of your business.

Did you know that organisations that excel at customer experience grow 7-times faster than those that don’t? Or that their profitability is 14% points higher? Thats a lot of money you’re leaving on the table for your competitors!

Act now. Find out what your competition may already know!

Start by taking the mini-evaluator. It will immediate give you an indication of how well you are doing in the four pillars of a customer-first strategy: Customer, Company, Brands and Processes.

Then go for the deep dive. Access the full C3C Evaluator™ Tool once, twice, or why not buy an access for each member of your team or department? You’ll get more reliable results as well as a detailed report. And don’t forget, the price rapidly decreases the more you buy.

FREE Mini Customer Centricity C3C Evaluator™

A quick, 12-question evaluation that will instantly give you an estimate of the level of customer centricity in your organisation.

Find out whether you need to work on your customer understanding, or your company structure, vision and strategy. Or perhaps you need a better way to build brands and innovate, or to share what you already know across your organisation and deliver more convincing reports and presentations.

Full Customer Centricity C3C Evaluator™


The full C3C Evaluator™ Tool is a deep dive into each of the four essential areas of a Customer-First Strategy:

  • Company: Structure, Vision & Strategy
  • Customer: Understanding & Engagement
  • Brands: Positioning & Innovation
  • Processes: Delivering Compelling Reports & Presentation

Although you can complete just one evaluation and get actionable results, we advise you to run more, many more. The larger the sample across your organisation, the more accurate and representative the results will be.

Depending upon the size of your company, we offer significant discounts; contact us for more details.

The price for one access to the full C3C Evaluator™ Tool is US$99

Access to 100 evaluations, enough for a whole department – or two – is US$400. That’s a 60% saving!

Access to 300 evaluations, enough for a small to mid-size company, is US$1000

Contact us for an even better price.

For large organisation needing more than 250 evaluations.

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