Module 2

Module 2





  • Identify your category users
  • Review everything you know about your customers
  • Run segmentation
  • Prioritise segments
  • Develop segment personas
  • Gather information about your customers
  • Calculate the lifetime value of your customers

Content Of the Module

  • Module #2.1: Watching and Listening to your Customers
  • Module #2.2: Review Everything you Know about your Customers
  • Module #2.3: Customer Segmentation
  • Module #2.4: Prioritising your Category Customer Segments
  • Module #2.5: Identifying Customer Segments shown in Advertising
  • Module #2.6: Describing your Customers
  • Module #2.7: Information Sources for your 4W™ Template
  • Module #2.8: Calculating Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

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