Evaluator™ 300


300-access pack
Detailed report
1 hr Skype strategy session with Denyse
Comparison to industry averages
½-day in-person strategy session*




Congratulations on choosing this package. It is the best evaluation of your customer first strategy adoption. By getting a maximum number of people to answer the quiz you will have a very precise understanding of your current position. The more people who respond, the better your results will reflect the company-wide situation.

This package offers you:

  • 300-access pack to the C3C Evaluator™ Quiz.
  • a detailed 35-page report comparing your results to industry averages, plus suggested actions depending upon your area of biggest opportunity for improvement.
  • a 1 hr Skype strategy session with Denyse to go through your results and to ask your questions and get suggestions how to improve your weakest area(s).
  • ½-day in-person strategy session*.


*Expenses will be charged at cost in addition.

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