Evaluator™ 100


100-access pack
Detailed report
1 hr Skype strategy session with Denyse
Comparison to industry averages




This is the next stage of your customer first strategy adoption. By getting more people to answer the quiz you will have a more precise understanding of your current position.

This package offers you:

  • 100-access pack to the C3C Evaluator™ Quiz.
  • a detailed 35-page report comparing your results to industry averages, plus suggested actions depending upon your area of biggest opportunity for improvement.
  • a 1 hr Skype strategy session with Denyse to go through your results and to ask your questions and get suggestions how to improve your weakest area(s).

Although this package is an improvement on a single evaluation, the Evaluator™ 300 package offers a more in-depth analysis of your situation.

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