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Every brand needs an insight as it’s foundation, but most organisations don’t know how to develop them. Especially ones that you can immediately action to grow the brand faster and more profitably than ever before. If you work in marketing, market research, branding, or are a business owner or entrepreneur just starting out, you need to know how to develop actionable insights as the basis for each of your brands and businesses.

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What you'll learn

There is so much packed into this course that there is too much to mention it all here. In addition to a multitude of tools and templates included for you to download and keep, these are just some of the topics covered:

  • What a consumer / customer insight is and why they are so important to brand success. Learn an invaluable way to identify whether or not what you have developed truly is an insight.
  • The reasons why you and others have struggled to action the consumer / customer insights you have developed in the past.
  • A simple 7-step process that practically guarantees that you will develop an actionable insight every time you use it for each of your brands.
  • Identify the exact category in which you’re competing from the customers' perspective. You may know your industry but your customers may see it differently.
  • Choosing your ideal target audience, the group that will be the most profitable. How to recognise whether your current target customer group is too narrow or too wide and how to better define it.The incredibly useful tools you need to select the most profitable segment to go after.
  • How to get to know your ideal customers as deeply as possible, and then create a detailed persona / avatar for them.
  • Where and how to get all the data and information you need about the market and your customers, to fill your knowledge gaps.
  • How to identify the most relevant need-state for your brand offer and then pinpoint all the different emotions you want to stimulate.
  • How to ensure that the insight you develop will resonate with your target audience and engage them so they take the action you desire.
  • How to identify actions from the consumer / customer insights you develop, that will result in the profitable growth of your business.

Detailed Course Curriculum

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Masterclass Instructor

President & Business Growth Catalyst

Denyse Drummond-Dunn

If you've never met me before, my name is Denyse Drummond-Dunn. I'm a Business Growth Catalyst, helping companies grow faster & more profitably through deeper customer understanding and engagement. My career of more than 30 years includes senior global executive roles with Nestlé, Gillette & Philip Morris International, working in over 125 countries. But for the past ten years I've become a full-time coach, trainer and speaking, sharing my expertise with those willing and ready to upgrade their knowledge and results.

I’m a new-age marketer, combining creativity with technical expertise & cultural sensitivity. Living in the heart of Europe in Switzerland, I’ve always worked globally. This has provided me with a unique perspective to help organisations large and small, understand the importance of customer centricity, no matter where in the world they might be. This proves itself to be particularly powerful when looking to innovate or to roll-out successful brands to other markets.

I hold a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science & diplomas in Organisational Leadership & Innovation from IMD in Switzerland and the LBS in the UK. Besides my multinational executive clients whom I adore, I’m passionate about animals (I have two cats, Maddie and Pearl), flying (I’m a twin-engine pilot), underwater diving (I’m a PADI Dive-master) and technology. (I’m a Geek too!)


Clients of C3Centricity

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What Students Say About the Masterclasses

Just a few of the lovely comments we get after a student completes this course.

William J. USA

As CMO of a tiny Internet company, my challenge is centered around how to get the C-Suite (who are more artist than businessman) to gain a concrete realization of the psychological factors in marketing. Your course was a good fit for me in that I have a better vocabulary/systematic way to use in trying to achieve my goal.

Aki K.

Really enjoyed this course, and it gave me great insights into an area that I'm familiar with - even though I've been in CX for almost 40 years. I love Denyse's energy and humour, and her practical examples made this all come alive.

Marianne B, Switzerland

Very interesting training. Content easy to follow and the trainer is inspiring! Thank you!

Jeremy P. Switzerland

The explanations are clear, and there are templates or tools to help us apply the concepts. The examples are helpful.


Great course, engaging and thought-provoking examples and clear explanations!

lan W H.

Great insight

Meltem K, Switzerland

Denyse is an expert and thought leader in her area of expertise. She worked with our Company’s Global Insights & Analytics community and helped us to become better at turning insights into action.

Richard B, Switzerland

Not only was the content highly relevant, modern and pitched at just the right level, your passion and enthusiasm was inspiring to us all.

Richard T. USA

It allowed us to look at the market from a new perspective and uncover critical questions and issues quicker.

Tom D, Netherlands

Denyse brings years of experience to the table and knows how to translate her set of best practices to the current digitalized business reality."

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