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Honesty is the best Br and Policy

Brand reputation and image

Whilst out shopping yesterday, I was attracted by a new chocolate bar (you will probably already know that I am an addict of new products as well as of chocolate!), which showed a picture of a piece of chocolate oozing with caramel, with a nut in the middle.

Now I should admit to also being a naive optimist who believes what is shown or written on front of pack, even if I have worked in marketing almost my whole career. The br and name even had toffee as its first word, so I (naively again?) assumed I would find toffee in it; wouldn’t you? Well, there was toffee – if you looked for it! – but the chocolate was dominated by the taste of the “confectioners’ cream” as it was called that in reality made up two-thirds of the filling.


You can imagine my disappointment, when I bit into the chocolate. Oh well, my fault I thought; I remember someone telling me to never believe what is pictured or highlighted on front of pack, espcially for food products. This company knew how popular caramel toffee is, but I suppose it is a more expensive ingredient than “confectioners’ cream”, so they limited one in favour of the other. Pity they didn’t do the same thing when picturing the product on the front of the pack!


Consumers dem and authenticity, honesty, transparency

I thought we all knew and agreed on this. Whilst I am sure your advertising is abiding by the laws of your market, I wonder if they, as well as your other forms of communications are also as honest as they should be. Does your pack promise a product that looks or tastes much better, or is healthier than it is in reality? (I am thinking for example of all the 99% fat free claims here) If so, you are setting yourself up to disappoint your consumers. OK so they bought it, which is what you wanted, but wouldn’t you rather have repeat purchasers? Happy, contented consumers who will talk about your product to their family and friends and recommend them to purchase it too?


Can your business grow without advocates?

If you think you can, then I would love to hear from you. For the rest of us, it might just be worth taking another look at all our communication platforms to ensure the message is authentic, honest and transparent, and that they build together to form one coherent message for the br and.


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This post first appeared on C3Centricity Comments page on July 14th 2011

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