Insight Development Masterclass for Marketers & Researchers

Learn to develop actionable insights, no matter the industry, category or customers your brand / business is targeting.

Do you want your brands to be built on a solid foundation? Do you want them to grow profitably by attracting ever-increasing numbers of ideal customers who are both loyal and recommend your brands to others? Then you need to take this new Actionable Insight Development Masterclass.

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The Business Accelerator TM

The success roadmap for putting your customers at the heart of your business for faster growth & profitability.

Do you want your business to grow faster and more profitably? Are you tired of working long hours marketing your products and services and yet still don’t see the desired results of increased sales and market share? If so, then there's a strong chance that you don’t know your customers (consumers, clients) deeply enough! This Masterclass will help you to get your business back to growing profitably again.

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Developing a Visual Customer Persona/Avatar

How to define and complete a one-page visual persona/avatar for your brands and business

Do you know who your ideal customers are? Can you describe them simply and precisely so that everyone in your organisation knows who you are targeting? if not, then you need to follow this course. It will show you how to complete a visual representation of your customers that will inspire your actions and ensure your strategy is focused on the right people.

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Innovating More Successfully

How to increase the success rate of your innovations by involving your customers in your innovation process

A new and better way to innovate is to involve your customers in every step of the process. Even the method itself can be improved and this course shares an innovative replacement to the usual funnel.

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Better Brand Building

Profitable growth comes from building brands in line with customers’ needs and desires. This course covers all aspects of brand management using a simple and clear roadmap.

Brand building is difficult today, as the number of competitors and communication channels is constantly increasing. That’s why you need to follow the clear and detailed process this course delivers.

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Project Management Masterclass

How to successfully complete every project, whether large or small, short-term of long-term and deliver it on-time and on-budget

Project management is easier when you have a process. This course takes you step-by-step through a roadmap from getting support, to planning and delivering every project on-time and on-budget

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