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Discover How Customer Centric You Are

Did you know that organisations that excel at customer experience:

Grow 7-times faster than those that don’t


Are 60% more profitable


Know it’s >5x more expensive to acquire a new customer

Do you place your customers first? Do you know where you could do better?


Well now you can find out exactly where you stand, with this complete evaluation tool from C3Centricity. Finally, you will know where you excel and where you could put in a little more effort so your customers love you.

There are four strategic areas to address in adopting a customer first strategy:

structure & vision

Company structure & vision


Customer targeting & connection


Branding & Innovation


Internal processes

For each of these we will ask you to evaluate yourself on a series of five to ten questions that go deeply into each strategic area.



  • How you choose and target the customers for your offer
  • How you connect with them through all the different channels available
  • How you increase your knowledge and understanding of them


  • How prominent your customers are to your employees
  • How your management is structured so your customers get a voice at the table
  • How you include your customer in your vision and strategy


  • How you develop and expand your products and services
  • How you innovate
  • What metrics you use to follow and assess your progress


  • How you integrate data and information
  • How you develop insights about your category and brands
  • How you share information across the organisation

Based upon your answers, we will weight, integrate and calculate your current positioning in each area.


You will receive a detailed report that lays outa clear roadmap for you to follow. It shows you what you need to prioritise to place your customers (consumers, clients) at the very heart of your business.


You will also qualify for a half-hour strategic call with Denyse to review your results and discuss next steps.


Based upon this call and your results, you will be in the best possible position to start working towards growing more profitably.

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