The 7Ps of Customer Service

Excellent customer service using the 7Ps

As with many Bloggers and Tweeters, my posts are sometimes prompted by something that happens in my daily life.

This week, I question whether or not all companies have really taken the customer perspective with their care centres or are just talking the talk of customer service. I conclude with my suggested 7Ps of customer service, to help those who are still struggling with this change.



The recent experience that prompted this post concerns UPC-Cablecom, a local Swiss cable company. It continues to desperately try to correct a long-term deficit in customer care versus their main competitor Swisscom. These past few years have shown some progress, but they still have a long way to go to match Swisscom’s effortless caring.

You see Swisscom made customer service their MSP (main selling point or value proposition) and they are renowned for putting their customers first. UPC-Cablecom on the other hand, had until recently, been trying to win customers through aggressive price cutting. But as we all know, that can only work for a certain time. 

Back to the incident that prompted this post. After a few days of being ignored by Cablecom – my own perception because my emails and phone calls were not being answered – I resorted to Twitter.

I try to avoid doing this, but I must admit that most companies respond within minutes to social media complaints, because the world is watching. That for me shows that they are not truly customer centric, since when no-one is watching, they continue to ignore the very people who are paying their salaries!


Why Social Media is the New Customer Service

It has been a year or so since Twitter was first called the new call centre of today. Guy Clapperton, author of “This is Social Media”  wrote an interesting post about this at the end of 2011. Interestingly this idea was questioned at the time. What a lot has changed in just a few years!

I would argue that it is much, much more than just a service center. For the customer, most call centres are a frustrating, if sometimes necessary, experience for them to endure. In many cases call centres are automated, with an often long and complex self-selection process of button pushing to arrive at the department one needs.

Are these the seven best qualities for call centre advisors, or are there more “Ps” to mention? Let me know, especially you Jimmy, if you read this.

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