4 Steps to Driving Online Advertising Click Through

Earlier this year emarketer.com announced that in 2012 more money will be spent on online advertising in the US than on advertising in newspapers and magazines combined!

It is clear that one reason for the shift is that the audience advertisers are attempting to reach has shifted.  Newspaper and magazine readership continues to decline while online audiences continue to grow.  Another reason emarketer.com gives for the shift is that online advertising is a more measureable medium.  Impressions, engagement with Social Media actives and sales are all measured.  Every online advertiser also receives up to the minute reporting on click through.

But, just because an audience’s exposure and response to advertising online is measureable, does not necessarily mean that advertisers have cracked the code on what gets a target engaged enough with an online ad to motivate click through – to motivate them to divert their attention long enough to learn more about your br and.  Google reported last year that average click through rates st and at .09% a decline from .1% two years ago.  So as advertiser’s ability to more specifically target advertising to its intended online audience increases, the audience’s tendency to click continues to drop.

After studying 93 online ads with over 600,000,000 impressions and click rates ranging from 1.22% to .03%, PhaseOne Communications identified 4 key steps any advertiser can implement to increase their odds of success:


Step 1:  Draw the eye

Recognizing that web users are visiting a site for a purpose other than ad viewing, this may be one of the hardest jobs an online ad has to do.  Consumers are accustomed to tuning banners out.  Therefore, advertisements have to do something to capture attention.  From our study, two key methods for grabbing attention were found to be most successful 1)  ensuring your banner has contrasting colors to the site on which it appears and 2) incorporating motion of some kind.   In this study, only one ad in the highest ranges was static with no motion at all.  Google reported in August of last year that 250X250 pixel ads using Flash averaged a click through rate of .26%.


Step 2: Engage the mind

As soon as the eye is drawn to the online ad, it is imperative that there is something to engage the mind.  This can be accomplished by arousing curiosity, perhaps tapping into messaging or context from other media or incorporating emotional appeals by pulling at the heart strings.  What you must avoid is an online ad that is cluttered.  An online ad that attempts to include everything about a br and basically gives your audience permission to NOT become engaged.


Step 3:  Don’t tell the whole story – create the desire to learn more

The most successful online advertisements are those that are not self contained — they do not reveal the whole story.  While an online ad that successfully breaks through the clutter, engages its audience and delivers a differentiating, self-contained br and story can be successful at influencing its audience, its likelihood of being clicked drops dramatically.   The most successful ads entice its audience to want more information.


Step 4:  Facilitate the action

This step may sound obvious, but believe it or not 82% of the ads with the highest click through literally asked for it (e.g., “click here”).

As you can see, developing strong, highly clickable online advertising is not rocket science.  Yet, in today’s high pressured world, marketers often times overlook the most obvious.  Recognizing that each element of an advertisement is either contributing to engaging your audience and bringing them closer to your br and or working against you, it’s important to take just a little time to ensure those things  known to drive success are incorporated.

Happy Clicking!

For more information about C3Centricity’s partner PhaseOne Communications, please check out our website: https://www.c3centricity.com/about/

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